FCU in Kenya

28/06/2012 by Publicado em Blog

In 2006, the Park Avenue Baptist Church of Titusville, FL, and Florida Christian University began a process that now, officially, is being consolidated with the deployment of two nuclei of the FCU in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and Mombasa, which has the largest port in East Africa. The work was started partially with ten students and got to meet up to 113 students. In the last week of May, the Florida Christian University was represented at an event in Kenya by Dr. Benny Rodriguez and Rev. Climilton Braga. The purpose of the trip was to show academic support to the students, meet the staff and managers, talk to the students and welcome their thesis. Dr. Benny Rodrigez taught classes on “The Heart of the Leader” for a group of 32 students in a nine-hour seminar. Among the students there were pastors of the African Inland Church and missionaries from the Park Avenue Baptist Church. In addition to students, the FCU representatives also met Pastor Richard Lord - Senior Pastor of the Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville and Mr. Tony Gooch - Director of Missions of the Park Avenue Baptist Church. The visitors from the FCU were greeted in Nairobi by Pastor Joseph Migwi Ndinguri (first graduate student in the Master FCU), local pastors, and the students Julius and Jackson. In Mombasa, Mr. Daniel Safari, director of the International Pwani Bible College, hosted the meetings, together with the board and faculty of the Institute. Most students are in the field of Counseling, Social Work and Education.  Dr. Benny Rodriguez and Rev. Climilton Braga have been deeply impacted by the dedication of the students and the high quality of their writings. The local structural problems are numerous and huge. There are students who need to walk five hours to get to school just to attend a class. The Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa, which lies on the equator and is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia to the northeast. Kenya has an area of 580,000 km2 and a population of just over 43 million inhabitants. The country is named after Mount Kenya, a significant milestone and second among the highest peaks in Africa. Its capital and largest city is Nairobi. Lake Victoria, the second largest freshwater lake in the world is in Kenya, which is also known for its safaris and several world-famous reserves with wild animals, such as Tsavo West National Park, Maasai Mara, Nakuru National Park and Aberdares National Park . The city of Mombasa is the largest port in East Africa and is one of the most important cities, not only for its imports and exports, but also as a traditional destination for tourists visiting Kenya. It is our goal to be able to bring some of the students in Kenya for our graduation ceremony in December 2012.  






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