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Once enrolled, you must enter the Student Portal by entering your password and login, then you will see your Dashboard on the screen, in which you must click on the blue arrow located in the column called "Video" and start watching your class.

With the exception of the Doctorate level program, classes start the moment the enrollment is made. As such, there is no need to wait for a specific start date as most of our classes are offered 100% online or synchronously. 

The duration of the Associate program (technologist, in Brazil) is 2 years, the Bachelor's degree is 4 years, while Master's and Doctorate are 2 years.

Florida Christian University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the areas of Business Administration, Coaching, Counseling, Education and Theology, and for more information and details on the curriculum of each program, you can access our website: https: //

We do not offer scholarship. However, we have a commitment to be affordable, so the student can choose a flexible monthly payment system and not a large sum of money in the beginning of each semester, as most universities do.

Diplomas from American Universities are not directly recognized by MEC (Ministério de Educação e Cultura –Department of Education of Brazil). MEC has a platform ( in which the person who has a diploma from a foreign university must file his / her request for recognition. We highlight that several graduated students from Florida Christian University have already recognized their degrees through this platform.

Although we are a University that speaks your language, Florida Christian University is a 100% American University and therefore, both FCU and other foreign Universities or diplomas are not automatically recognized in Brazil.

The students must be aware that it is up to the Institution to accept or not his/her application to the University`s program desired, since each country has its own rules when it comes to the validation of a diploma.

We highlight that the information and the process regarding the validation of a diploma should be the sole responsibility of the student.

Florida Christian University is fully legalized in the United States. FCU is Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, under the License number 6361 to offer from Associate to Postdoctoral degrees in the United States and abroad. Furthermore, the University is an Advanced Member of the Florida Council of Private Colleges, Inc. (FCPC) and an Advanced Member of the Council of Private Colleges of America, Inc. (CPCA) and certified by them. Florida Christian University is also an affiliate of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

FCU is not yet accredited, but is working on it. Different from Brazilian laws, in the USA, accreditation of higher education institutions is not granted by the United States Department of Education (equivalent to MEC in Brazil). Nor is it required by law that they are accredited, being completely voluntary and optional, according to the institution’s mission.

This type of visa is not offered by Florida Christian University, since currently the teaching method of the classes is mainly offered online.

The length of time to complete a program depends on the student, their financial plans, and the time devoted to their studies. However, it is required at least one year of study with FCU. At the Bachelor level, it is a 3-4 years program. At the Masters, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate levels, each program takes 1-2 years.

We do not offer student housing. There are several options of housing widely available to lease daily, monthly, and annually. For further information, we recommend to contact a local Real Estate Agent. On the other hand, as courses are delivered in various teaching methods, the student can engage in a long distance programs if they cannot attend one of our on-site branches.

According to Law, graduation has to be in Orlando. Therefore the defense of the dissertation will take place in the United States, in the same week of the Graduation. We offer Seminars during the week of Graduation. We encourage our students to participate in the Seminars to benefit from expert knowledge and networking in their professional area of study, defend their thesis, and then graduate in the same week. All of that can be accomplished within 1 to 2 weeks in Orlando, tied to an enjoyable time

FCU is always developing knowledge contents that are relevant and updated with the market demands. And even though each program has a defined curriculum, the students are offered some choices of courses (electives classes) and they also are notified in advance for confirming participation.

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