Mission Statement:

The Library’s mission at Florida Christian University is to provide high-quality research tools and practical resources to equip its students with the knowledge and research skills necessary to excel in their academic studies and beyond.
The Library seeks to provide accessible content and services through cutting-edge technology that support the curricular and educational goals of its students worldwide.

Library Policies:

  • Library service hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Library is closed during the weekend.
  • Access to the campus library is exclusive to FCU students with a valid student ID, faculty, and staff. Students must have a valid student ID to loan any material or make use of any equipment in the Library.
  • Loans periods are allowed for 1 month. Renewal of an item is allowed upon request at the Library front-desk. Renewals are allowed for a maximum of 2 times.
  • Fees will be imposed for late, damaged, and lost books. Student diploma at time of graduation may be retained if a student does not return the books or pay any pending fees related to Library charges. Books, Thesis and Dissertations cost $1.00 a day. The student must pay the cost of replacement should the material be damaged or lost.
  • In-person tutoring at the Library is not available at this time. Students have the option to schedule a 1:1 appointment via Zoom with the University’s Librarian.
  • The following activities/conducts are prohibited in the FCU Library and Computer Lab:
  • Eating or drinking.
  • Loud talking or sleeping.
  • Infringement of plagiarism policy or Student Honor Code.
  • Offensive or abusive language.
  • Use of library equipment for illegal purposes.
  • Disruptive behavior that interferes with another student’s right to use the library.
  • Theft, damage, or destruction of Library property, such as books, Theses and Dissertations, computer equipment, etc.

Computer Lab:

The Computer Lab is located inside the FCU Library and is available to FCU students with a valid ID, faculty, and staff only. Hours of operation are M-F from 9am-5pm. The Computer Lab is currently closed on weekends. Students must check in at the University’s front desk with a valid student ID.

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